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"I wanted to wait until tomorrow but I'm too amazed at the results to do so. The pain in my lower back, hip, and butt is gone. I am completely amazed at the results considering what you did to achieve them. I can only hope that someday I can find a way to repay you for all that you have done for me. You truly have changed my life in so many ways and I thank you."

"Most of the time I don't have much to say and sometimes struggle to find words, but I feel you need to know this. I have seen first hand what your capabilities are for over 2 years now and you never cease to amaze me. Tuesday I was quite skeptical about you putting my back in place with such little effort but it did seem to help at the time. By Tuesday evening I was feeling very good. I was completely pain free in my back all week and I was on an extremely strenuous, and stressful job. I was even able to reach down and touch the toes on my right foot, which I haven't been able to do for months. It may have went out this morning, but I'm not completely sure about that yet, I should know by later today. The only complaint I have is that there will never be enough of you to go around to all the people that need your services. We will all survive though and patiently wait however long it takes to see you. I do still have some pain in my piriformis muscle that makes it difficult to sleep but if it persists we can work on that when I see you again. Thank you so much!!"

Neil Trudeau

Momence, IL

December 2020

"Everyday I wake up and thank God for leading me to Dr. Stalla.

At 30 years old after the birth of my second child I could take the pain no more. After years of numerous tests and appointments of doctors saying, "You're fine" and "Everything looks normal", I needed help. Everything was not fine, they just couldn't find what was causing the pain. I knew I needed to do something so that I could be here for my girls.

After only one appointment with Dr. Stalla I had a diagnosis and a solution. She worked with my priority to continue breastfeeding in making sure everything was safe.  She found the cause for my problems and supported my body so my body could heal. After addressing the concerns I realized I had been living with some of the problems for most of my life.

Dr. Stalla is a doctor that listens like a friend, is easy to contact, and works with you to get you to your goal of a long healthy life!

I will never forget the pain I felt for all those years, but it's a good reminder of how thankful I am for Dr. Stalla. My only regret is not seeing her sooner!"



January 2018

"I started seeing Dr. Stalla in March of 2016. I was 61 years old. For years I went to all the other doctors along with a dermatologist, rheumatologist, & gastroenterologist.  I had stomach and bathroom issues every time I ate, I was always tired and was depressed, I had rashes on different parts of my body and my joints ached (I attributed some of it to the Scleroderma that I was diagnosed with approximately 20 years ago and some of it to age). Naturally, they put me on stomach medication, ointments and creams, high blood pressure medication, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication, cause that's what they know; hide it - don't fix it. So I lost faith in them; nothing was making me better. That's when I decided to try the naturopathic approach. That's when I found Dr. Stalla and thought I would give her a try.

We started out fixing my inner core. Turns out I had a dairy intolerance along with combination food intolerances (potatoes, citrus and hazelnut with grain). Once that was determined by the blood test, we knew what to work on. She then ran her tests.  Turns out I had a few underlying conflicts, along with parasites, aluminum-lead, fungus, virus and bacteria, all within me. We started a regimen of supplements and psychosomatic energetic therapy.  Within 3 months I started to feel so much better and within 6 months all of that nasty stuff inside of me was gone. No more stomach complaints, rash, depression or feeling tired. I am off all prescription medication! 

We are also working on the Scleroderma. But, one thing at a time.

Now, I want to tell everyone about a wound that I have had since 2009. It is a vascular wound (I'm not a diabetic). It started out as a small spot on my ankle and it itched; I thought that I was bitten by something. It kept getting bigger and more painful. I finally decided I should probably see a doctor.; so I went. I went through months of mist therapy, until they didn't know what to do anymore. Then they sent me to a wound doctor for 6 weeks, who did absolutely nothing to make it better. I then went to my family doctor; she sent me to a wound clinic. At the wound clinic I had to go once a week to have it debred (dug out) and wear a Profore (compressive bandage). It did start to heal after going there for approximately 3 months, but it was not totally healed and they discharged me. It came back, gradually getting larger within 5-6 months. So I went back to the wound clinic and they sent me to a surgeon that did the same thing as the last treatment. He dug it out; only this time it was very, very, very painful! And once again the Profore had to be worn. This went on weekly for 8 months. During this time they also did a skin graft, hoping that would help it heal. It didn't. Needless to say I was discharged again. It came back and this time associated with oozing all across the ankle area. I believe that at this point the skin graft just peeled off due to the irritation of the oozy stuff. I swore that because of how painful it was the last time, I would never go back, and I would just put up with the pain and oozing for the rest of my life - so what if it cost me a fortune in bandages and gauze.  But, after awhile I went to the dermatologist hoping that I could possibly be helped with the itchy oozing part. Well, I was told it was contact dermatitis. What? Really. So, I was given an ointment and told to come back in 3 months. Yeah right, that is not going to happen. But, the ointment did help the itchy part. I had been told by several of the doctors that my veins needed to be "taken care of". I then set up an appointment at a vein clinic. They worked on the veins that were feeding the wound, but, I believe, also nicked a nerve in the process, which in turn made me have a tingly fourth and pinky toe. So, when I was seeing Dr. Stalla about my other issues I mentioned to her what I had gone through with this wound and she wanted to try the cold laser therapy on it. There would be no pain! Well, after all these years I was ready to try anything. Dr. Stalla has been doing the cold laser therapy every week since January 2017. I cannot tell you how happy I am.  No more pain! The tingling is almost gone! The wound is going away. In fact it is almost gone! She is helping it to heal the way it is suppose to, from the inside out! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that I found Dr. Stalla and decided to "give her a try!!" I am so thankful to her for making my life what it should be! Happy and healthy! My husband has even welcomed me back - the woman that he knew has returned and it's all because of Dr. Stalla. Thank you! Thank you! With all of my heart!"

Bev Lucko

Steger, IL 

April 2017

"For 20 years I have had bouts with pleurisy (an inflammation of the lung lining). The first year I experienced it, I ended up in the emergency room 5 times. From then it seemed like pleurisy was part of my life. Year after year I was given antibiotics and a pain suppressant. The doctor that I was seeing finally looked at me and told me that he didn’t know how to help me. I was thankful for his honesty. Three doctors later including two pulmonologists, I was no closer to finding out why I kept getting pleurisy. It was coming more frequently as well.  And after years of taking antibiotics, they were no longer working. I started to panic. I fortunately found a natural alternative. It definitely helped to get rid of the pleurisy at the time, but I still kept getting it again and again. It would take 56 pills in a seven-day stretch to feel better. That was about two thirds of a bottle that cost $90! I was taking four pills a day afterwards to try to prevent another attack, but I was still getting it about once every month.


Then I developed a moderate case of asthma. I was put on a steroid inhaler twice a day and Montelukast once a day. I was pretty desperate by the time I saw Dr. Stalla. She was terrific! First, she spent a longer time with me than any other doctor had. She also genuinely cared to find an answer to my problem. She was knowledgeable and made sense as to what seemed to me a puzzle that had never been explained. And of course all those rounds of antibiotics that never got to the core, but just proved to have a bandaid effect.  So it was refreshing to find out another avenue to health. Through Dr. Stalla I found out that my body was intolerant to certain foods and a combination of foods, and that these were causing a predisposition to me getting these reoccurring lung infections. I can’t thank her enough. By following Dr. Stalla’s protocol, which included being put on supplements that helped to rebuild and strengthen my lungs from all the damage that was done, and staying away from my food intolerances, I now no longer experience bouts of pleurisy. I am happy to say that I’m free of the stabbing pains and I haven’t used an inhaler or pill for asthma in over a year. And her help didn’t stop there. She also helped me with my osteoarthritis, supporting my system with quality supplements and the episodes of hot flashes that I would encounter are not near as extreme since she helped me with those.  I highly recommend Dr. Stalla. I truly believe with her knowledge and skills, she will be able to get to the root cause of whatever you are dealing with."

K. J. 

Oak Forest, IL

January 2017

"I am alive today thanks to the skills and loving care of Dr. Stalla.  I was sick for over 20 years; no one understood why. 

Dr. Stalla opened the doors, placing me on a clear path to healing at last.  She saved my life. 

Her care is genuine, generous and selfless.  She serves the interest of the patient before her own, with dedication, integrity and character. 

Genevieve Stalla, ND has been a priceless resource to finding the answers I desperately needed and I feel anyone would be fortunate to be under her care."

Robert Bundus

Kankakee, IL 

January 2017

"Our son, Ryan, who is now 12 years old, had been experiencing digestive issues from a very young age. He had chronic constipation as a toddler and, by the time he was in elementary school, was fitted with a heart monitor due to chest pain. It turned out that he was having repeated bouts of heartburn. We were never able to connect his frequent stomach aches to any food in particular and were at a total loss when his Lactose Intolerance and food allergy tests came back negative.

We were growing increasingly concerned about Ryan. We couldn’t help but notice that he was so pale and most days had very large, dark circles under his eyes. He just looked terribly unhealthy. We were convinced that we were missing something. None of the tests we had done up to that point revealed anything to explain Ryan’s digestive upset or sickly appearance. We clearly needed a new approach to understanding what was happening in his body.

We had initially come to Dr. Stalla for our daughter, Emmy. She had helped us tremendously with Emmy so we were confident she would be able to uncover what was causing Ryan’s problems.  One week after seeing Dr. Stalla we finally had an answer: Ryan was fruit intolerant. He also had food that, when eaten in combination, was also contributing to his symptoms (potato with grain or soy). She determined by a simple finger prick what years of invasive testing had failed to find!  This revelation explained so much and we were now able to understand why certain foods caused him digestive upset.

Dr. Stalla educated us as to what foods to avoid and we implemented those changes right away. She also provided Ryan with nutritional support for deficiencies that the tests found. Within days, we noticed that Ryan wasn’t experiencing the stomach aches he had before. He was no longer burping repeatedly and it was clear that his digestion had settled down significantly. By the end of the first month, the color in his face had improved so much that even friends were telling us how good he looked! The constant dark circles faded and today are nonexistent.

We also experienced a completely unexpected improvement. Ryan’s joints had been frequently popping and causing him pain. Simple movements like walking could cause his knee to pop out and we would need to sit and wait for it to return to its normal position because it hurt too much to walk on. It seemed that every joint from his neck to his toes would take turns popping and often several areas would pop in succession. Our family is loose jointed to begin with and we believed all his popping was due to the joints loosening up even more because he was growing. Imagine our surprise when the joint popping decreased and practically disappeared after making the dietary changes recommended by Dr. Stalla! As we write this, it has been weeks since his last episode of painful joint popping.

We highly recommend Dr. Stalla. Currently, three of our family members have been treated by Dr. Stalla with excellent results. Our children are always happy to see her because her office has such a relaxing atmosphere and her techniques are non-invasive. If you are struggling to get answers about what is going on with your health, this is the place for you."

Janna & Jamie Copfer

Coal City, IL

July 2016

"When I first had the fortune of meeting Dr. Stalla I was in a chronic state of daily pain from my Crohn's Disease. There wasn't a day that went by where I felt I was not falling deeper into the grasp of the diagnosis. At the age of 17 I got the news from my doctor about the Crohn’s. For years I was dragged through the path of Western medicine using expensive drugs that were intended to suppress my immune system rendering me weak and prone to illness.


My first experience with our local Naturopath showed me the other end of the spectrum of medicine. I experimented with elimination diets and natural supplements. I managed to steer clear of foods that were difficult for my body to digest such as gluten, dairy and sugar. I managed to see a glimpse of hope from all of my hard work and dedication to my body’s health. However, even after this lifestyle change I was still in a state of pain and confusion. Why with all of these blood tests and research was my condition seemingly continuing to worsen?


It was at this time in my life when I met Dr. Stalla; she opened my eyes to a world of healing unknown to many. One which we listen to the body and guide it through a natural course of recovery and wellbeing. Using noninvasive techniques where she is able to take advantage of the body’s energy, she was able to find what exactly my body needed. It turns out I had been eating food my entire life that I could not digest which was causing inflammation and chronic pain. By eliminating these foods and using quality supplements, I found myself, after six years of terrifying pain and misery, on the road to recovery.


Two years later she still, to this day, has never let me down. Over the years she has healed my body starting from very surface level problems down to my core wellbeing and actually finding what was causing my pain and misery. I can say from experience that there is nothing worse than going down a path of chronic pain that seemingly always gets worse without reason. Dr. Stalla has the knowledge and the wide range of skills to help our bodies find what they need to heal and feel alive once again. She has saved my life and I will be forever thankful for it."

John O'Byrne

"I started seeing Dr. Stalla about three years ago.  At that time, at age 37, I had only known a life of allergies, joint pain, stomach issues, chronic respiratory infections, and just a general state of ill health and mood because of this.  I have taken every over the counter medicine, and doctor prescribed medicine to include roughly three rounds of antibiotics a year since I can remember.  When these things provided no relief, I sought out my own way of pain relief to include drinking and the use of recreational drugs on a daily basis.  At the time we first met, I was also taking a doctor "recommended" amount of ADHD medication with very mixed results and, as a result, would not take those correctly, adding more issues.  I was also prescribed an inhaler and roughly 5 other prescriptions for allergies and pain management for chronic joint pain.    


Meeting with Dr. Stalla regularly every three months over the last three years and the use of all natural supplements has provided me with more genuine quality answers than 37 years of seeing my pill doctors.  She has patiently explained to me in great detail the why and how my body works and more importantly doesn't work.  Through a simple blood test roughly a year ago she discovered what I consider to be the biggest and most important breakthrough in my health.  An intolerance to certain foods and combinations of foods but the major culprit was potatoes.  When applied (which I haven't mastered because it turns out potatoes is in damn near everything and I loved them so ate them with everything) joint pain is nearly gone, and a general feeling of wellness has been restored, along with an understanding of what my body is trying to tell me. Along with exercise and eating better, my allergies and ADHD are now tolerable and I feel life is new and exciting.


I currently have no prescriptions and only have an inhaler in case of random emergency. 


The naturopathic way to better health is layered and doesn't provide instant relief to symptoms.  It can get you on a path to live your life without having to deal with those symptoms again.


I would recommend seeing Dr. Stalla to anyone who really wants to be in GREAT health."

Mike Franklin


"I started seeing Dr. Stalla regarding my TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), which I’ve struggled with since the age of 15. Jaw pain, locking and popping, as well as chronic facial tension, I had accepted as things I would just have to live with. That is, until about two years ago, around 21 years old, when the symptoms started lashing out further, did I start seeking out more pro-active methods of dealing with it.


After general practitioner doctors, dentists, and a series of self treatment techniques, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Stalla. With only a few Craniosacral sessions, over the course of a handful of months, I had experienced huge amounts of muscle, as well as joint pain relief, and the clicking of my jaw had subsided almost completely. I saw better, more consistent results with Dr. Stalla than I did with any sort of dentist prescribed Electro-Stim and mouthguard treatments, or any sort of doctor prescribed steroid. She has shown me hope and proof that a road to recovery is actually fully possible for my jaw.


I would recommend her work in a heartbeat for anyone dealing with this or similar issues. The experience has been wonderful and the results have been very real."

Josh Brugman

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