Food and Nutrition Coaching

Initial Consultation:  Approximately 1 hour - $85

  • Review of previous food intolerance report from Genwell Health (if applicable)

  • Understanding and review of daily food intake

    • Client should bring breakdown of weekly meals

    •  breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, guilty pleasures

  • Understanding and review of food and body goals

    • Macros (fats, proteins, carbohydrates)

    • Eating for nutrition

    • Eating for pleasure

    • Pregnant/Nursing (now or in near future)

    • Weight Loss

    • Weight Gain

    • Weight Maintenance

    • Other Medical Issues 

    • Other food allergies and sensitivities

    • Food Likes

    • Food Dislikes

    • Family food and nutrition goals (if applicable)


Results Consultation: $195

  • PowerPoint guidance presentation from initial consultation.

    • Including section on commonly missed items and ingredients in regards to food intolerances, allergies, and sensitivities. 

  • Meal ideas/recipes for 1 entire week (digital and print binder)

    • 7 breakfast meal ideas/recipes 

    • 7 lunch meal ideas/recipes 

    • 7 dinner meal ideas/recipes 

    • 3 snack ideas/recipes

  • Q&A session in regards to next steps and follow-ups

  • No charge email communication access during week long meal prepping session. 

Specialized Services Offered: Inquire 

  • Grocery Shopping Training

  • In Home Meal/Chef Services 

  • Catering and Meal Subscription